Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss

SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Equipment ready to go on water damage from lab fire.  This required prompt service to get the business back into operation promptly.  This is a sampling of the air movers and extraction equipment used.

Thermal Imaging Commercial Loss

Use of thermal imaging on a commercial large water loss. Thermal imagery insures no affected areas are overlooked.  This requires a tried tech to determine how to properly use this data for restoration.

Thermal Imaging Commercial Large Loss

Thermal imaging used on drywall lid behind drop ceiling to monitor moisture pockets.  With out thermal imaging this would require physicaly probing the area with a pin meter.  Not the easiest to do with the given location.

SERVPRO In-place drying- Restore vs. Replace

In-place drying techniques being used on a clean water loss. Saving engineered wood floor. This method requires specialty drying equipment. Savings were passed on to the customer for rebuild costs.