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Water damage flood Huntington Beach

Commercial water flood

Commercial water loss SERVPRO performing water mitigation.  Some times we can dry in place of affected materials, other times demo is required.  What ever the case we can handle it.

Restaurant water damage Huntington Beach

Commercial water damage Huntington Beach

SERVPRO prompt response on a commercial water damage.  Often the first step is water extraction.  Quickly as possible being able to remove any loose water can speed up drying of the structure.

Emergency Response in Huntington Beach, CA

SERVPRO Huntington Beach South Responding to Commercial Water Loss.  The main fire sprinkler line broke on the property.  We were on site less than one hour from the time of the phone call.  

Warehouse Fire

This was the aftermath from a small warehouse fire in Huntington Beach.  When we arrived at the seen there was significant smoke and water damage due to the fire departments efforts to put the fire out.  The warehouse was put back to preloss condition within 1 week.